ABOUT ME  Hello, my name is Vince and I love to travel.
I was born in the Philippines, moved to the US in 2001, and have been living in New Jersey with my family ever since. I studied Commercial Photography in college, and I’m currently working full-time in retail to help pay for my trips. I’m also an introvert so I usually prefer to travel solo most of the time; however I still enjoy meeting new people, learning, and experiencing new things.




Here are the websites I like to use when planning my travels.

To book cheap flights-
I also recommend signing up for airline mileage clubs to accumulate miles which you can use to book free flights or hotel stays in the future!

I personally like to book accommodations on Airbnb or hostels. But if staying in people’s houses or sleeping in a bunk bed with a bunch of strangers is not your thing, then you should probably just lookup cheap hotels online.

To find things to do or places to see, I mostly use TripAdvisor. I also read travel blogs and watch YouTube vlogs to learn more about the places I’m going to.
Here are a few of my favorite travel vloggers:
Kara & Nate
Feather and the Wind
The Budgeteers

My favorite Podcasts:
Zero to Travel
Extra Pack of Peanuts
The World Wanderers


Feel free to contact me for any other questions! =]