Travel Vloggers on YouTube You Should Be Watching

The YouTube channels on this list don’t get as many views and subscribers like FunForLouis or Hey Nadine does, but these five produce great travel videos and their vlogs are my favorite to watch.

1. Feather and the Wind
Fel and Wes are a couple from Canada who travels the world on a budget and they never seem to run out of fun. The chemistry and interaction between them are the main reasons why I watch their channel. They are so funny and entertaining and I love how they include outtakes that showcase their fun personalities. They’ve visited places in Mexico and Europe that I’ve never heard of and they are able to experience each country as locals because they stay in one place for a longer period of time.

2. Kara & Nate
Kara and Nate have been traveling the world continuously, thanks to Nate’s travel hacking skills and elite frequent flyer status. As their channel got more subscribers, their videos also improved in content and quality. After watching one video from them, I was so charmed by their positive energy (and Nate’s perfect smile) that I couldn’t stop binge-watching all their videos. They also put so much work and effort in editing and providing useful information that their videos almost seem like episodes from the Travel or Nat Geo channel.

3. The Budgeteers
The Budgeteers are made up of travel buddies Paddy and Thijs, with the addition of Lina in the second series. They’ve created a travel show where they set a budget of 1K and see how far they can go in Southeast Asia (season 1) and Central America (season 2). They mostly rely on Couchsurfing and the kindness of strangers to save money and stay on the road as long as they can. Their journey proves that you don’t need a lot of money to travel and have fun.

4. TheLifeOfJord
Out of everyone from this list, Jordan has traveled the most and longest. He quit his job and sold his stuff a couple of years ago and began an adventure around the world. He is a solo budget traveler and he was the very first YouTube vlogger that I discovered when I started traveling myself. He was an inspiration who gave me the courage to travel by myself and not let anything get in the way of my passion to travel.

5. The Endless Adventure
Eric and Allison are a young couple who only started traveling and vlogging about a year ago. However, their videos are far from amateur. They have a drone, a really good camera, and they know how to edit their videos. I just found out about their channel not too long ago so I haven’t seen a lot of their videos, but from what I’ve seen, they have a pretty good presence in front of the camera that will sure attract more views.


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